• Missing buckles or clips?
  • Ripped rugs letting in water?
  • Missing or loose surcingles?
  • Broken leg straps?
  • Velcro not sticking?
  • Lining damaged?
  • Prefer a tail strap / leg straps?

We pride ourselves on providing economical, sympathetic repairs. 

Choose your option: 

  • Advise your exact requirements 
  • Ask for rugs to be made useable/water repellent   
  • Ask for ALL damage to be repaired

Please note, we are unable to repair dirty rugs – mud, grit, poop, hair, grease, damp, bedding, etc can all cause expensive damage to our sewing machines, scissors, etc. Dirty rugs are also a hygiene risk (and make an awful mess) in our ‘clean’ sewing area. Thank you for your understanding!